Capturing the Magic

Tools and Method

Images captured through a lens,drawn from life and copied from media are individually scanned into cyberspace, cleaned in Photoshop and gently transformed and vectorised in illustrator. All composed and combined to create the scene unseen or the singular unnoticed.  The endless process of tweaking and erasing can take up to three months to complete. Plug ins and Bluetooth. Programs and Pixels, calculating the depths of the blade and the speed of the cut is a thoughtful endeavour. A concentration enveloped by frowns and grimaces push us to press the start button, but less haste means less waste, so everything is double checked for the third time. When the whirr of the motor begins the tension increases and a keen eye,a swift brush and a lot of huffing and puffing is needed as the blade embraces and penetrates the depth of Murano. Each work is cut using the same program and the same blade, yet nevertheless each one is unique as slight fluctuations create singular imperfections. The card may be kinked, the entry position altered, the blade bunted or obstacles and dust particles will make the repetitive process far from perfect. .Completed and successful Paper-cuts are patiently ‘weeded’, encased in cellophane and wrapped in the finest BRU Tissue paper and then gently slipped into the shallowest of trays ready for shipping